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5 building blocks leading to Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences from time to time. We might feel it as butterflies in our stomach or getting a bit hot and sweaty when we think about or face something that we find challenging. We all need that healthy amount of adrenaline to...

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How to move from the Drama Triangle to Empowerment

Last month I talked about Karpman's Drama Triangle and I invited you to consider which position you unconsciously get drawn to. If you missed last months post you can re-cap here. You might think the Drama Triangle is all about what happens to clients and the dramas...

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What’s your favourite position in the Drama Triangle?

What's your favourite position in the Drama Triangle? Over 10 years ago I wrote a dissertation on what therapists do, say and feel when therapy reaches an impasse. An Impasse is when the work is stuck in some way and you're struggling to find a way to help  clients...

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3 Must-try tips to make your blog post work overtime

So you've written your blog post, published and shared it and now you're maybe thinking about what to write about next. If you're a newbie to blogging like me you might find the idea of creating a constant stream of new material somewhat daunting. But what about if...

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5 Things You Need to Know about Parental Mental Health

As a therapist or coach you’ll often find yourself supporting adults at different points on the mental health spectrum. When the person suffering mental distress is a parent the impact can be far reaching. It’s challenging to meet your own needs when you're feeling...

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7 Ways to Fix Your Biggest Challenge Counselling Children

Would you like to be even more successful in your work with kids and families? Do you ever feel stuck or as though the work has hit a wall? My favourite metaphor is; it feels like I'm 'running up a down escalator'. The biggest challenge that faces Therapists and...

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