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The Fabulous Parent Programme: Practitioner’s Workbook

How to Build Fabulous Parent and Child Relationships in 6 Sessions


What is the Fabulous Parent Programme?


The Fabulous Parent Programme gives you a 6 weeks coaching course for parents. It contains the weekly “how to” guide and all the parent worksheets you will need to help parents create great relationships with their kids.


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Are you passionate about improving the emotional health and wellbeing of children?

If you’re a practitioner working with kids or their parents this programme is for you.

This course is the magic formula to help you make the difference you’re ready to make to families

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The Fabulous Parent Programme Online Course for Practitioners


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The Ugly Truth about Why Coaches Charge Way More than Therapists

And it’s probably not what you think


This Free Report Reveals:

-Exactly why coaches charge way more than therapists

 -The reason therapists struggle to get quality clients

-Mistaken beliefs therapists hold about coaching

-4 things coaches do better than therapists

-How to boost your therapy business right now


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